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Online Appointment Scheduling

“I Have worked with Eppointments® and Physician Web Pages since 2003, and I don't know how I ever tolerated a paper and pen schedule! The personalized service is top-rate and there is always someone there to assist the less-than computer-geek in me. I would never work with any other company."

—Marcia J. Adelman MD,
Kensington, Maryland

Office managers for large practices or multi-office locations find it difficult to keep track of all the office personnel and their personalized individual schedules. Who is in on Mondays, off on Tuesdays, on vacation next week and when is the next office meeting are all details that office managers must know and keep in the office schedule.

So how is one overworked office manager supposed to keep track of a large number of practitioners and all the varying schedules without losing their mind? Eppointments® scheduling software, of course! Eppointments® knows how hard you work as an office manager and understand how tough it is to keep it all straight. That is why we designed our software-to make it all easy for you.

Physician Scheduling Software for the Entire Office

The entire practice will benefit from Eppointments® and its customizable software and the entire office schedule is available at a glance. A quick reference or morning email will show who is in the office, on-call or rotation, on vacation and even who is scheduled for the Office Surgery Room at noon.

Eppointments® is completely customizable for your practice, and with its easy to use, intuitive interface it couldn’t be simpler to use. It maintains your employees’ schedules in addition to incredible back office features that will keep your entire office – front and back- running smoothly. To learn more about what Eppointments® can do for your practice give us a call toll free 866-376-7070 or email