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Online Appointment Scheduling

“I Have worked with Eppointments® and Physician Web Pages since 2003, and I don't know how I ever tolerated a paper and pen schedule! The personalized service is top-rate and there is always someone there to assist the less-than computer-geek in me. I would never work with any other company."

—Marcia J. Adelman MD,
Kensington, Maryland

Eyesight is a most valued sense and should never be ignored. Itís very important for patients to see their ophthalmologist regularly, but often your schedule is booked up weeks in advance. And it is easy to forget to get in for your maintenance appointments until an emergency necessitates it. How to make sure to schedule that important appointment?

True, ophthalmologists, as any other physician are heavily booked and pressed to fit in just one more patient and that is where Eppointments® and its scheduling software program comes in. Their appointment software can show you how your practice can maximize appointment times and track all your valuable resources.

Ophthalmologist Appointment Software Utilizes State-of-the Art Features

Our software will show you how to customize your scheduling, reduce your patientsí wait time, allow your patients to fill out important information prior to their appointment and allow your doctor and associates to see more patients in a day. Our software features will reduce everyoneís work load and cut your patientsí wait time.

This one-of-a-kind appointment software allows your patients to complete a large part of their patient information and health history paperwork online from their home computer, saving even more time for both parties. Let our representatives at Eppointments® show you how to save time and money, call us toll free 866-376-7070 or email us for information at