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Online Appointment Scheduling

“I Have worked with Eppointments® and Physician Web Pages since 2003, and I don't know how I ever tolerated a paper and pen schedule! The personalized service is top-rate and there is always someone there to assist the less-than computer-geek in me. I would never work with any other company."

—Marcia J. Adelman MD,
Kensington, Maryland

It's difficult to overstate the importance of scheduling for chiropractors. The makeup of your schedule determines both your income and the quality of service you're able to offer each client. Make the most of your billable hours with specialized chiropractor scheduling software from Eppointments®.

Eppointments® can help your staff set up appointments quickly and easily. The interface is easy to learn, so you won't need to worry about an extended training period. Once installed, the in-office component of Eppointments® can manage your wait list, using it to fill appointments that have been canceled. You can also populate a recall list to keep track of patients who need follow-up appointments.

Eppointments® also lets you transform your static website into an updated appointment scheduling interface! With minimal setup, you can have patients booking appointments online from the comfort of their homes. You'll be in full control of who can use this feature and for what types of appointments, ensuring that all patients get the personalized attention they deserve. They’ll also have the opportunity to complete patient registration and medical history in advance of their appointment.

Chiropractor Scheduling Software That Tracks and Records

By using Eppointments® as your chiropractor scheduling program, you gain access to host of office management features. You can track patients from check-in to check-out, manage co-pays and payments, and access patient medical histories. You'll also have reporting capabilities that help you track scheduling trends and identify areas for improvement. Use the Internet module to have secure, remote access to your scheduling data from anywhere in the world.

One of the most commonly uses features of Eppointments® chiropractor scheduling software is practitioner schedule customization. You can set limits as to how many appointments are set for morning and afternoon and create specific time profiles for different appointment types. Talk to Eppointments® today toll free 866-376-7070 or email and learn what advanced scheduling features can do for your practice.