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Online Appointment Scheduling

“I Have worked with Eppointments® and Physician Web Pages since 2003, and I don't know how I ever tolerated a paper and pen schedule! The personalized service is top-rate and there is always someone there to assist the less-than computer-geek in me. I would never work with any other company."

—Marcia J. Adelman MD,
Kensington, Maryland

An appointment scheduling service can take the load off your staff and give them more time to focus on patient care. Even better, a quality appointment scheduling service like Eppointments® can ensure that your office schedule is always accurate and up-to-the-minute. In fact, you just might wonder how you ever ran the office without it!

Our appointment scheduling software can handle your traditional appointment input, while giving you access to virtual scheduling as well. With Eppointments®, your patients can visit your practice’s website, book an appointment, and receive an email confirmation in minutes, all without requiring the attention of a staff member.

How Doctors and Patients Benefit from Our Appointment Scheduling Service

Patients appreciate this style of appointment setting since they don't have to work around an office's hours. It's convenient and easy, and the automated email confirmation provides peace of mind. Medical offices appreciate the speed and accuracy of web-based scheduling. And with Eppointments®, you're always in full control, even if you're not setting the appointments manually. You can designate certain times and dates and specific amounts of appointments to be made through your website, while leaving other times available, according to your needs.

As a full-featured appointment scheduling service, Eppointments® offers everything you need: speed, convenience, and security. To speak to an Eppointments® team member about how our software would work in your office, simply call us toll free 866-376-7070 or email